Baja California, Mexico

Embrace Baja Bliss: Your Oceanfront Sanctuary Awaits

Imagine yourself embraced by the turquoise caress of the Sea of Cortez, sun-kissed skin tingling with the salty air. This isn’t just a vacation, it’s an immersion in Baja’s soul, where luxury meets nature’s boundless beauty in an opulent beachfront hacienda.

A view of the sunset at Baja California

The luxurious indoor and outdoor living spaces of this secure and gated seaside estate provides the intimacy of a luxury home with fresh seafood dinners prepared by the cook, endless activities and a sun-seekers paradise — all in the heart of the central Baja peninsula. Or you can send the cook home and cook your own catch as you overlook the Sea.

white terracotta mansion with big green grassy yard

Crafted with Heart, Built for Escape

This isn’t your ordinary beachfront rental. This is an ode to sustainability and Baja’s rich heritage, woven from 8,000 square feet of natural stone, talavera tile, Mesquite framed doors and windows, spanish tile roof, and hardwood floors covered in Turkish rugs. Gorgeous hand-carved mesquite doors frame endless ocean vistas, while hand-chiseled walls tell stories of the land. Hardwood floors dance with sunlight, and vibrant Talavera tiles, imported from Oaxaca, add splashes of artistic flair to every room. Every detail, from mosaic accents to handcrafted furnishings will make you feel right at home in Baja.

Seclusion Meets Indulgence

Unwind within the secure embrace of your private 10-foot stone wall, where serenity reigns and breathtaking views unfurl from every window. A dedicated majordomo and housekeeper anticipate your every whim, from daily butler service to a culinary maestro whipping up fresh seafood feasts. Two kitchens – one basking in the ocean breeze – cater to every culinary desire. Five bedrooms, each a haven of comfort with ocean views, invite you to surrender to the rhythm of the waves.

bedroom with queen bed and green throw blanket

Pack your sense of wonder, your thirst for adventure, and your appetite for unforgettable experiences. Your Baja escape awaits!

whale shark swimming in the ocean

Where Adventure Calls

Step beyond your veranda and into a world teeming with possibilities. Kayak through turquoise coves where John Steinbeck’s “Log from the Sea of Cortez” was born. Cast a line and reel in your own Baja bounty. Hike through cactus-studded landscapes teeming with life. Or simply bask in the sun-drenched bliss of your private verandas, gardens, and decks, as you enjoy the Sea of Cortez, your endless horizon.

More than a Vacation, a Transformation

This is a place to reconnect with nature, where time melts away and worries dissolve into the salty air. It’s a haven for families seeking unforgettable adventures, for couples chasing romantic sunsets, and for solo travelers yearning for a soul-stirring escape, or for fishing enthusiasts who want to fish the best spot on the Sea of Cortez. Steinbeck called it “God’s Aquarium” through this section of Baja.

stone fire place with religious picture on decorative tile mantle

Ready to trade the ordinary for the extraordinary? Explore the vibrant embrace of Baja. Book your beachfront sanctuary today and let the magic of this stunning hacienda unfold.

Baja’s Ocean Playground: Adventures for Everyone

Baja’s crystal-clear waters and rugged beauty are a siren call to the adventurous soul, and your oceanfront haven is the perfect launchpad for unforgettable experiences. Let the rhythm of the waves guide your days as you explore this sparkling corner of the world.

Baja California Beach

Land Adventures Await

Lace up your hiking boots and explore the rugged mountains and painted deserts surrounding your hacienda. Hike to ancient cave paintings declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and experience the hidden stories shared across generations. Cycle through cactus-studded landscapes, feeling the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin.

lion fish under water in coral reef

Dive into an Aquamarine Paradise

Jacques Cousteau wasn’t wrong when he called Baja “The World’s Aquarium” and “The Galapagos of North America.” Snorkel picturesque coral reefs teeming with tropical fish, witness majestic whales breaching in the distance, or dive into the underwater wonderland with certified instructors. Kayak through turquoise waters, serene and inviting, or stand-up paddleboard along the coastline, soaking in the unrivaled scenery.

downtown baja mexico shopping district

Beyond the Horizon

Venture into the charming village of Santa Rosalia, just a short drive north. Browse markets brimming with local treasures and indulge in fresh, catch-of-the-day seafood at authentic restaurants. The nearby town of Mulege offers even more shopping delights, with a touch of Oaxaca in its artisanal offerings. And just outside Mulege is the Bay of conception, known by all as the most beautiful beach in all of Baja.

Reel in Memories

Cast a line aboard a local “ponga” boat and test your skills against the legendary game fish of Baja. Dorado, yellowtail, Marlin, and even the elusive roosterfish await your challenge. The friendly local captain, your guide to the area’s hidden gems, will ensure this $500/day excursion (a fraction of the cost of Cabo crowds!) is the catch of a lifetime — both in terms of memories and delicious dinners.

man pulling in large dorado fish onto fishing boat