Grand Lake: Your Mountain Playground Awaits

Grand Lake is more than a destination, it’s an experience.

Grand Lake, nestled beneath majestic peaks and cradled by the glistening expanse of its namesake lake, isn’t just a stunning backdrop, it’s a vibrant playground for every season. This charming village, steeped in Western charm and brimming with adventure, welcomes you to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Woman walking around Grand Lake Colorado Town

Attractions filled with the spirit of the Rockies.

Step back in time on the historic boardwalk, where you’ll find local shops overflowing with treasures, cozy eateries serving up mountain comfort, and galleries showcasing the artistic spirit of the Rockies. Catch live theater at the renowned Rocky Mountain Repertory Theater, or soak in the festive spirit at one of Grand Lake’s year-round celebrations.

rushing river surrounded by trees

Summer explodes with possibilities.

Imagine indulging in creamy ice cream on the beach, savoring a caramel apple from the famous candy store, or teeing off on a scenic golf course with mountain vistas as your backdrop. For thrilling adventures, lace up your hiking boots for impressive trails, get your adrenaline pumping on ATVs or horseback rides, or conquer the waves on Grand Lake – home to one of the oldest yacht clubs in the West. Fishing enthusiasts, cast your line and reel in memories in the lake’s pristine waters, or just walk off your deck and fish the Private waters of the Colorado river in front of the Lorens Ranch.

A person riding a snowmobile in the winter at Grand Lake Colorado

Winter paints a different kind of magic.

Transform into a snow explorer and navigate through powder-blanketed meadows on snowshoes, glide along snowy trails on Nordic skis (with 150 trails just minutes away), or experience the rush of tubing down exhilarating hills. Our Nordic Center also has a tubing hill for the kiddos! Grand Lake, proudly holding the title of “Snowmobiling Capital of Colorado,” and ranked 3rd best in the entire world, beckons winter thrill-seekers with endless groomed trails and awe-inspiring scenery. And if downhill skiing ignites your passion, world-class slopes are just 40 minutes away at Winter Park/Mary Jane, as well as a family priced resort only 20 minutes away called Granby Ranch.

Featured Properties

two story log cabin on edge of river.

The Lake House

dog standing on rock looking down river at lake and mountains

River/Lake Front 3BR

cabin window with purple sky sunset in back.

River/Lake Front 2BR

living room of cabin with stone fireplace, sofas and open kitchen with bar and seating.

River Front Homestead

log cabin with green roof and jeep parked out front

River Front 3BR

log cabin with covered porch

River Front 2BR

living room with red sofa bed, chairs and black and white tile floor.

River View 1BR

Craving starlit escapes or sun-kissed adventures? Grand Lake: your story starts here.

Step Back in Time, Immerse in Luxury: The Lorens Legacy Awaits at Grand Lake

Welcome to a sanctuary where time slows to the rhythm of mountain breezes. This is not just a collection of vacation rentals; it’s a portal to a bygone era, where the Lorens Family Pioneer legacy (going back to the 1890’s) unfolds amidst the majesty of Grand Lake, Colorado.

Step back to the 1800s, when Barbara Lorens, a pioneer woman of grit and grace, first staked her claim on this corner of paradise. She came from Iowa where her dad was president of Iowa State University and her mother the Dean of Women. She started a dairy farm on what later became Shadow Mountain lake.The land passed down through generations, witnessed the laughter of family gatherings, the hum of her working dairy farm, and the quiet strength of a life lived close to nature.

Chris Lorens, Barbara’s son, left his own mark on the landscape, crafting three charming wood cabins that stand as testaments to family bonds forged in the shadow of the Rockies. The smallest cabin, a cozy haven nestled near the original homestead, evokes a long history of love and laughter shared across generations.

But history wouldn’t stand still. The arrival of the Big Thompson Project transformed the land, forever etching its mark on the Lorens family story. The once-bustling dairy farm gave way to the sparkling expanse of Shadow Mountain Lake, adding a new layer of enchantment to the estate.

Today, the Lorens family invites you to share this cherished piece of Colorado, at what has become their Private fishing ranch along the Colorado river where it flows into Shadow Mountain lake. This is more than just a vacation destination; it’s an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of generations past, to breathe in the crisp mountain air that carried their laughter, and to lose yourself in the stunning vistas that inspired countless dreams.

Come explore the fragrant pines, soak in the warmth of the family cabins, and let the stories etched in every log and stone (the fireplaces were made with stones gathered from the river that runs along the entire property) wash over you. This is the Lorens Family Estate at Grand Lake – a legacy of family, nature, and timeless beauty waiting to be discovered.